Our missions

Together we share a vision, underpinned by the key values and good practices we promote.

They fit in these 6 principles we wish to be shared by both the public and private sector altogether, for a sound, efficient and sustainable public investment in space:


Advocate for a broader use of space, to the benefit of every European citizen across the whole Union, and of every company whatever their activities. Space is key to face this century’s urgent global challenges and can only be overcome in collaboration.


Organize a European preference structured around a true and fair competition amongst all space actors. Notably, foster startups’ and SMEs’ share in the answer to European demand. This also implies to find ways to develop a balanced cooperation between newcomers and incumbent space sector companies.


Encourage the use of private means to answer public needs, especially where there is a viable commercial market in the long run. This calls for competent space agencies and institutions, able to specify a demand that will consolidate public ambitions. In return, companies shall have to prove the sustainability of their solutions through the market.


Choose public purchases over subsidized technologies to foster improved product-to-market fit. This is of outmost importance for the European space sector to remain competitive on the export market, while getting closer to the European values of fair intra-competition.


Favor a step by step path towards the command of complex space services, to ensure more access of emergent companies to programs, as well as less budget and schedule drifts. This applies particularly to markets with a large commercial potential, though we still need ambitious scientific and sovereign European space programs.


Exploit fully the opportunity given by companies using private capital to lever the impact of public expenditure. This calls for measures enhancing financial venture capital investments in the space sector.

Blue ball for AnimationBlue ball for Animation

To the benefit of Members, the ecosystem at large, the Syndicate may initiate, alone or in collaboration with third parties, directly or indirectly, any activities relating to serve its purpose:

provide awareness of the technology and transformation potential of the Syndicate through workshops, organization of conferences and exhibitions where institutions like the European Space Agency and other national space agencies can take part in;
advocate for transparency and equilibrium in public effort space contracts, for example where each existing employment of these companies is sharing a reasonable figure compared to the total sector employment and contracts volume. In this respect, an observatory of consolidated figures of the Syndicate will be performed yearly;
in general terms, promote the use of an inclusive platform like the Syndicate as the tool to provide a consolidated voice to the ecosystem in the topics gathered in the manifesto;
provide a continuous dialogue activity to the European institutions and representatives, by means of the yearly operations plan of the Syndicate and its corresponding resources. This plan will involve conferences, publications and the maintenance of the Syndicate’s website and any other digital means;
transfer the European culture of the ecosystem relevance to the national scale, through a number of actions mainly led by the national members, and supported from the Syndicate;
promote the employment of European young space engineers and scientists through the various opportunities offered by the members of the Syndicate, e.g.  via a common website that collectively announces these European opportunities.
the Syndicate may also initiate, and engage in, other activities and use all necessary means that contribute directly or indirectly to the attainment of its purpose including, within the limits authorized by law, ancillary commercial and profit-making activities, the proceeds from which shall always be appropriated in full to the attainment of its purpose.