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The Young European Enterprises Syndicate for Space

Membership benefits


Advocate for a broader use of space, to the benefit of every European citizen across the whole Union, and of every company whatever their activities. Space is key to face this century’s urgent global challenges and can only be overcome in collaboration.


An increased opportunity to foster commercial partnerships, leverage institutional funding and consolidate commercial services.


Early access to sector news, KPIs and data and policy developments via our European and national delegates, including meetings with high-profile directors (ESA DG etc.), ministers & committees.


Ongoing corporate marketing via YEESS's branding, attendance at institutional events (i.e., ESA 4S Symposium etc.), lobbying events and other sector benefits and opportunities


Opportunity to contribute to the values and objectives of the syndicate and mutual promotion.


Opportunity to consult on key space sector developments, policy and initiatives.

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Voting rights to determine how the group is governed, organised and augmented.

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