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European NewSpace Syndicate Builds Further Momentum With Addition Of New Members, Exolaunch, Unseenlabs and U-Space.

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December 13, 2022

Europe’s first representative New Space platform, YEESS (Young European Enterprises Syndicate for Space) welcomes new members, bringing a new vigor to the body of emerging ventures in the sector.

Launched in 2021 by a group of nascent European space enterprises, YEESS is an international non-profit association with the objective of collectively boosting the competitiveness of Europe in space. The group aims to serve as a representative platform for New Space practice and enterprise, raising awareness of the innovation potential and state-of-the-art solutions and services coming from this sector.

The latest enterprises to join the network are Exolaunch, U-Space and Unseenlabs:

“For Exolaunch, the opportunity to exchange with valued peers in the sector and be able toinfluence the direction of commercial contracts for the benefit of the European New Space posture is huge. It’s critical to foster cooperation within Europe’s expanding ecosystem of innovative NewSpace companies. Through YEESS we hope to have an efficient multilateral dialogue, to voice our position, and be heard ” - Jeanne Allarie, VP Launch, Exolaunch

“With the rise of the New Space era, it is crucial that we enable a powerful and sustainable ecosystem across the whole satellite value chain. As smaller companies, New Space actors struggle to bring their voice up to the European Commission. YEESS helps to gather these voices, unifying their message with the goal of benefiting the whole industry.“ - Fabien Apper, CEO of U-Space.

According to Unseenlabs CEO, Clément Galic, “UNSEENLABS is delighted to join YEESS. The SME members of YEESS are European ambitious companies, with their own identities, who have quickly proven themselves. It is easy to exchange with them on the issues we face as a young space company in France. We look forward to joining forces for and with Europe, through YEESS”

Already well underway with its engagement and representation goals, the syndicate has been active in engaging at the highest level of space funding and policy-making in Europe. This includes establishing a direct channel and regular dialogue with ESA’s commercialisation directorate; the chance to provide perspective on current industry topics including supply chain risk and lobby for increased access to ESA contracts; as well as presence at a number of high level forums, panels and conferences. In addition, several of the group are already engaged on the independent Expert Group mandated by the Earth Observation Copernicus Programme Department to provide advice to the EC on how the Copernicus space system architecture should evolve over the long term; and as well on ESA’s New Space Board, established to advise ESA on honing its role in driving European competitiveness.

In addition, YEESS is a regular attendee and rallies a lobby for New Space actors at big-league international space events, including the European Space Conference, ESA 4S Symposium, ICT SPRING, ESA Industry Space Days and IAC, directly supporting members with corporate marketing, helping foster commercial partnerships, consolidate services and get early access to the latest sector policy and news.

One of the founding principles agreed is the active role each member plays in expanding the network and its leverage. This ensures the group is well-aligned and its members on an equal footing; both essential for building transparency and developing lobbying ‘capital’ at the targeted European level.

We look forward to welcoming these new members, whose unique innovation and commercial offer contribute to strengthening the value and competitiveness of the European New Space sector.